What we’re up to

OK, I’ve been getting more and more questions about our roadmap so I thought I’d provide a little color on that here.  While we don’t yet publicly lay out our roadmap in detail, I can give an outline.

Over the next quarter or so we’ve got lots of improvements to the core reporting engine underway.  Some of these are what you’d call nice-to-haves, like font embedding in PDFs.  Some are critical enablers, like internationalization, custom elements, and event hooks.

In parallel with that, we have our first release of server-side rendering (for Node.js) coming up soon which I think is really cool.  We’ll be using that technology to provide a cloud reporting API for developers.

Along with all this we’re working to keep improving the documentation and resources we provide to customers.  We’re also working hard with our OEM customers to make it as easy as possible to embed jsreports, since the demand for that use case has been significant.

So, lots coming in the next few months!  Contact me at emil@jsreports.com for more detail on any of this.

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