New features! Page breaks and subreports

It’s been a while since the last update — things have been busy here.  But today I get to announce a couple of great new features: page breaks and subreports.

jsreports page break and subreport elements

The page break element gives you control over where pages break in PDF output mode.  Just drag it to the right place in your report template, and you’ll get corresponding page breaks in the PDF.  You can set the “every Nth record” property to only break after a certain number of records.

The subreport feature lets you embed a report within another report.  When you add the subreport to the canvas in the designer, you can jump directly into the subreport to edit it.  You can link data between outer report and the subreport by matching field values, too.

jsreports subreport element options

We’ve got a bunch of other work in progress that I’ll write about soon.  If you have specific feature requests or want to know more about these new features, email us at

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