Improvements to Jasper Reports support on the way

Just FYI, we’ve been getting a few requests lately for increased compatibility with Jasper Reports.  We’re working on it!

It’s not likely we’ll support every nook and cranny of the Jasper Reports feature set, since our goals are not identical with Jasper Reports, but we think we can do a solid job of making our report designer handle the most common features people are using.

First up is enabling our designer to open Jasper Reports’s .jrxml file format.  Right now, we can go from our JSON format to .jrxml but not the other way.  That means that right now you can create brand new reports and send them to Jasper, but you can’t yet modify existing reports that you’ve got in the Jasper format.

If you have Jasper Reports .jrxml reports you’re using today and you’d like to add a report designer into your web application to let your end users modify and customize their own reports, shoot me an email so I can make sure we cover your use case.

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